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'''Djet''', also known as '''Wadj''', '''Zet''', and '''Uadji''' (in Greek language|Greek possibly the pharaoh known as '''Uenephes''' or possibly '''Atothis'''), was the fourth Egyptian pharaoh of the First dynasty of Egypt|first dynasty. Djet's Horus name means “Horus Cobra”Peter Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2006 paperback, p.16 or “Serpent of Horus”.
Alt nameWadj, Zet, Uadji, Ouenephes, Vavenephis
Image alt| caption = The famous stela of king Djet which once stood next to his tomb in the Umm el-Qa'ab.
Role| reign = 10 years, ca. 2980 BC
DynastyFirst Dynasty of Egypt|1st Dynasty
Coregency| predecessor = Djer
SuccessorMerneith, Den (pharaoh)|Den
Notes| prenomen =
Prenomen hiero| nomen =
Nomen hiero| horus = Hor-Djet
''Serpent of Horus''
{{Infobox pharaoh/Serekh|Horus=M13-I10||prefix=G5}}'''Abydos King List'''
'''Turin King List'''
<-HASH-G4-M17->-G7Alan H. Gardiner: ''The royal canon of Turin''
Horus hiero| horus_prefix =
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